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This is a song written by a member of my old guild, apologizing for the previous podcast song... Meh.


This is a song that was a theme song for my old EQ2 guild... Yes... It was made in all seriousness, and yes... It is hilarious.


I am pretty sure I lose coherency in the last minute or so when I go on about the install.

What I meant was that the single folder that I managed to install both Warhammer and Rome into was 48.9 gig. How can two games be so large? I end here so that I don't just start another rant.


I am going to elaborate on my immoral speech the other day.

I think you should listen to Disturbed's song fear. It touches on this subject (in my opinion.)


Punk ass, are you listening Can you hear me or are you deaf and dumb to my language Do the real words seem to hurt you

I don't wanna be innocent, you know I don’t want to let them hypnotize me

Your fear awaken Go with it now And let it overcome you Fear awaken Your mind is racing


Stricken - http://youtube.com/watch?v=rzpCJ1ORyFs&feature=user

Want - http://youtube.com/watch?v=Oe5Zc1Kouak&feature=user

Voices - http://youtube.com/watch?v=Qg6puExBVIc&feature=user <---- really cool video actually.

I can feel the subliminal need To be one with the voice And make everything alright


I am not anti-america, its a good concept, I am anti-american

and I'm american.

How fucked up is that?


Kittenclaw82 (9:47:45 PM): but basically what I mean to say by 'humanity' is that part that cares about other people, the empathy

moderatelywell (9:48:28 PM): cool

Kittenclaw82 (9:48:34 PM): is it?

Kittenclaw82 (9:48:38 PM): empathy can be a good thing

Kittenclaw82 (9:48:41 PM): war just pisses me off so much

moderatelywell (9:48:47 PM): well i dunno but il figure it out

moderatelywell (9:48:54 PM): go on

Kittenclaw82 (9:49:00 PM): and people here love it

Kittenclaw82 (9:49:05 PM): "it's the american way" to kill needlessly

Kittenclaw82 (9:49:08 PM): and it pisses me off

Kittenclaw82 (9:49:11 PM): stupid pisses me off

Kittenclaw82 (9:49:13 PM): and thats stupid

Kittenclaw82 (9:49:18 PM): know what I'm saying? you picking up what I'm throwing down?

moderatelywell (9:49:38 PM): like i said we got stuck with the puritans

moderatelywell (9:49:40 PM): yeah

moderatelywell (9:49:53 PM): neil degrasse young kind of made fun of americans like that

moderatelywell (9:49:58 PM): when talking about the killer asteroid

Kittenclaw82 (9:50:00 PM): it's crazy man, or maybe I'm crazy

moderatelywell (9:50:07 PM): americans really love to blow stuff up

Kittenclaw82 (9:50:09 PM): actually I think I'm sane and eveyrone else is crazy

moderatelywell (9:50:15 PM): but were not so good about dealing with what happens to the stuff we blow up

moderatelywell (9:50:40 PM): ie if we blow the asteroid up we may end up with two asteroids that will destroy two cities

moderatelywell (9:50:42 PM): etc...

Kittenclaw82 (9:51:03 PM): america has no sense of cause and effect

Kittenclaw82 (9:51:09 PM): "if I do this then this may happen"

Kittenclaw82 (9:51:09 PM): etc

moderatelywell (9:51:16 PM): yeah ive thought about moving to canada

moderatelywell (9:51:29 PM): they at least puss out

Kittenclaw82 (9:51:34 PM): lol

Kittenclaw82 (9:51:46 PM): yeah I am not anti america, its a good concept, I am anti-american

Kittenclaw82 (9:51:48 PM): and I'm american

Kittenclaw82 (9:51:49 PM): omg

moderatelywell (9:52:04 PM): yeah im an american

moderatelywell (9:52:13 PM): but i want to see it better

Kittenclaw82 (9:52:26 PM): yeah, this isnt what our founding fathers invisioned I dont believe

moderatelywell (9:52:34 PM): but the problem is 99% of the population are fine with status quoe and hate anyone that wants to improve anything

moderatelywell (9:52:54 PM): the founding fathers dreamed of the america roy zimmerman talks about

moderatelywell (9:53:00 PM): ever listen to his song america?

Kittenclaw82 (9:53:09 PM): yeah

Kittenclaw82 (9:53:12 PM): thats pretty epic

Kittenclaw82 (9:53:28 PM): but basically I am going to make a great big I hate people rant tomorrow morning

Kittenclaw82 (9:53:40 PM): and explain why I would rather be an animal than consider myself part of humanity


moderatelywell (10:22:08 PM): i dont think youve lost empathy

Kittenclaw82 (10:22:20 PM): no?

Kittenclaw82 (10:22:27 PM): we should podcast together, this sucks

moderatelywell (10:22:40 PM): youve changed empathetic targets by hating that were in iraq and afganistan fucking shit up means you have empathy for the other people

Kittenclaw82 (10:23:06 PM): yeah

moderatelywell (10:23:32 PM): im empathetic towards the soldiers on both sides

moderatelywell (10:23:36 PM): even osama

moderatelywell (10:23:51 PM): if you think about it we were asking for it

moderatelywell (10:24:03 PM): were in territory where people dont want us

moderatelywell (10:24:14 PM): we were doing what the british did to us and we slaughtered them for it

moderatelywell (10:24:19 PM): know what i mean?

Kittenclaw82 (10:24:51 PM): I know exactly what you mean.

Kittenclaw82 (10:25:00 PM): but ... I dont know. I'm having a hard time explaining this

moderatelywell (10:25:14 PM): yeah i get hung up on articulating some things

Kittenclaw82 (10:25:14 PM): I dont care about what people think, I dont care if they think I am immoral.

moderatelywell (10:25:33 PM): thats just a step towards self actualization


I've been having really rather deep thoughts lately, and I usually enjoy dabbling my toes in emotional depths but this one may be beyond me. I've been contemplating morality, sin, and the afterlife. I'll begin with the latter.

Gandhi's version of the seven deadly sins:

Wealth without work

Pleasure without conscience

Knowledge without character

Business without morality

Science without humanity

Religion without sacrifice

Politics without principle.

Catholic version of the seven deadly sins which are:







Melancholy (abandoned in the 17th century in favor of sloth)

Mae West said, “To err is human, but it feels so divine.” she also advised, “When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I haven't tried before."


This is just a short response to a few comments I received via email. If you have comments you can leave them here you know.



The Dark Knight

There is a spoiler at the end, so don't listen to the very last 5 seconds if you want to avoid that.


Today I talk about Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, for real. Maybe post another later. <3


Egg sacks and gum.

I started with the intention of discussing Robert Jordan and ended rambling because I had no outline or script. Will work on this and improve later. Anyway, enjoy!